Who is Danny Flores.

A piano player by nature, Danny's love for music has driven him to evolve in other areas of the industry - like songwriting, recording and show production. His versatile ability to play many styles and genres has placed him on stages around the world. Determined to make it in this "Dog-eat-dog" industry, Danny Flores is an "out of the box" musician and producer.



The art of programing keyboard's is essential in today's pop music.
Analog/ Digital Gear:
1963 Fender Rhodes - Nord Electro 3 - Yamaha XF7, XS7, ES8 - KORG R3 -Vocoder - Talk Box.


Vocal Producer/Coach

Danny enjoys capturing the best performance possible out of a vocalist. He is an expert in hearing the uniqueness of each individual and having them deliver this in a recording. The same concept is used in songwriting.



The way Danny produces music is by playing with rhythms, sounds, melodies and lyrics utilizing dynamics and momentum. He uses Pro Tools as his recording platform for both midi and audio. He creates unique vocal chains to capture the best performance from vocalist.


Music Director

Being a natural born leader and a piano player has given Danny the advantage in understanding the dynamics in a rhythm section. He builds a consistent show - utilizing stems and running band rehearsals efficiently.

How Danny does it.

Live and Studio Performance Credits

Musician, Music Director and Vocal Coach


Production Credits

Show Production

Music Director, Producer and Executive Producer Credits


An Artist Showcase
Florida Music Festival
Executive Producer

  • 10 Artists
  • Custom Graphics
  • Live Audio and Video Recording
  • Live "House" Band
  • Tracks and Audio/Video Trigger with Ableton
  • Negotiated All Vendor and Sponsor Contracts
  • Hired and Negotiated Rates with Musicians

Rock The Mic

Central Florida's Best Talent Competition
Founder and Producer

  • 20 Artists
  • Tracks and Live Band
  • Custom Musical Arrangements
  • Guest Artist Participation with Riana Kuring and F.A.M.
  • Over 500 People in Attendance
  • Hired and Negotiated Rates with Musicians, Audio Engineers, and Host

The Session

Presented by Maximum Entertainment Group
FMF Artist Showcase 2011-2013
Producer and Music Director

  • 7 Artists
  • Live “House” Band
  • Custom Musical Arrangements
  • Hired and Negotiated Rates with Musicians
  • Overlooked Rehearsals with Artists and Band